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Omg, omg, and following up my last post, there are currently 8 requests and 10 offers for The Magicians at this year's Yuletide signups. There are I think 5 stories on Ao3 right now, so this is exciting for me.

I have never participated in Yuletide, because I haven't written a story in ages, and I wouldn't want to let someone down for Yuletide, of all things. But man, I look forward to Yuletide as one of my gifts every year anyway. There are things I could request, but I rarely find myself thinking, "Man, how come no one requested ___?" Other people, in aggregate, have very good taste.

And I have to be honest, I would just request exactly what I obsessively hunt down every year: The Dark is Rising, So You Want to Be a Wizard, Tamora Pierce's Tortall universe, The Thief, Disney and fairy tales. A little Sky High, The Fast and the Furious, and 80s movies. There's something about Yuletide that brings out that side of me that just wants to settle down with my favorite things from middle school and read all the things that didn't happen.

Yuletide is a step to the side of what I usually like in fanfic. I mean, I love reading long epic stories about Arthur and Eames, Arthur and Merlin, Kirk and Spock. But Yuletide brings me things like Genie trying to protect Aladdin and his kin, over 1000 years, and Hades making the terrible mistake of asking Apollo for relationship advice, and how the universe can never really be done with Will and Bran.
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