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I know I was saying how I like the show so much more this season. It's hardly ever painful to watch anymore. This one though, was veering back into that territory. I mean, this is actually not the fault of this episode in particular, but I think it's the first time all season Elian and Gwen have exchanged words. He's her brother, for God's sake, and still the most we got was him telling her to sit down and shut up, and her mopping his brow. Why don't people on this show remember when they have a close relationship with someone else? It's maddening.

And then at the end, Arthur was right back in classic dick territory. He would have to seriously consider whether being saved by a girl was better than dying. And Gwen, much as I loved her this episode (and she was rocking her riding poncho thing - very good look on her), needs to have higher expectations for Arthur. He was just being patronizing in that last scene. He has Morgana for a half-sister, he should know women are capable of being awesome, and he was like, "Whoa, you didn't crouch in a corner and scream, I am super impressed!"

I mean, sure, giant snake/octopus/woman, enough to realistically make any grown man cower in a corner, but Gwen was there when an undead army attacked the castle last season, so I don't think this is her first time at the rodeo.

All of that being said, the character development I have liked lately has been the other knights acknowledging that Merlin is cool, and at the very beginning, watching Elian defend Merlin was sweet. Also, Percival is forever hilarious. He should never be seen not cradling some waif he's saved.

Also, man, Arthur either really liked that village, or really wants to make sure his bf(f) Merlin is protected, because I didn't realize until they met Lamia that he sent literally every knight who has a name on that trip. When he set out later, I was genuinely concerned, because he was basically riding out with nothing but his evil uncle and a bunch of redshirts. Not generally a good idea, but it turns out the story was not about Arthur at all this week. We just needed to showcase that Agravaine is a dick even when he doesn't have a plan, I guess. Thankfully, no nameless knights needed to die to prove that. I mean, he was barely evil. He came across as petulant more than anything. I think he was probably missing his favorite tv show back home or something.

Next week, Lancelot is back! Maybe! Or an evil version of him, hard to say from previews! I'm happy he'll be back (hopefully for an extended stay?), but at the same time, I was hoping that killing off Lancelot would force the writers to make someone else figure out about Merlin. Gwen or Gwaine are the obvious choices. Actually, the more I reflect, the stupider I think it is that Gwen didn't find out in season 1. Ugh.
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