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Breaking a long silence to say something not very important... I have priorities.

But The Hunger Games soundtrack is nothing like what I expect from Hollywood, and exactly what I would expect the better parts of fandom to come up with if they made a fanmix for the book - and so, in a way that probably only makes sense to LJ, I'm trying to say it's freaking amazing.

Usually songs from the motion picture soundtrack don't seem to have anything to do with the characters in that movie. But these songs are just so clearly being sung about - or in some cases by, Katniss. Though Dark Days is clearly Gale to Katniss, I believe.

I heard the buzz and I was like, "Yeah, they were popular books and the first is now a popular movie, of course the soundtrack's popular." And then I saw the artist list (Decemberists and Punch Brothers were enough to make me buy it), and I still just put it on in the background. And then I had to replay the first track three times to catch all the words, but holy shit, Abraham's Daughter is awesome. It's creepy and powerful and I love it on so many levels. Definitely a good purchase on the whole album, though I still think Florence and the Machine's Dog Days Are Over should be a Katniss song.

And now I go back to my life of research and homework and cooking and watching too much tv with my boyfriend. Seriously, that's all I do anymore, you're not missing much when I don't update.


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