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Today Tom, Erika and I signed a two year lease on a townhouse. I'm a little nervous about two years because well, that's a long time! But it's a great place, and I have 2-3 more years in my PhD, and Erika has at least a year and a half, so we figure we'll cross bridges if we come to them.

It's literally across the street from work, so I can bike on nice days. It has two master bedrooms, so Tom and I get our own bathroom, and Erika gets hers, plus no one gets shafted with a tiny bedroom. Most places we looked at had one big bedroom and two tiny ones. It's all hardwood, which I love. The kitchen is a bit small, but there's a deck, and way more common space than we have now. And Tom gets his basement, so when he's working late at night, I don't have to constantly walk out and ask him to be quiet so I can sleep. Also he won't be working or gaming while Erika and I are trying to watch TV, or use the kitchen, or in any other way use the common space. Or rather, he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, but in the basement, where our noises won't bother each other.

The landlord seems incredibly nice. We can even get a dog if we want, and we have a small yard that backs out into a bunch of common space, so we'd have room for him to stretch his legs.

And because it's right next to work, instead of 40 minutes away, I get over an hour of extra time in my day, and I can finally start joining in some of the clubs at NASA. I hated either having to stick around until 8 pm, or face the idea of going home and driving back later. And I'll be much closer to DC and the metro, which opens up a whole new slew of things to do in the evening.

Now I'm just looking forward to actually moving. We can't move in for another month. I think it is not unlikely that in that time, I will occasionally swing by after work just to stare at the house we will rent, creeping out the current residents. Good times.


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