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HAVEN! There's one thing to be said for the government shut down. It's been giving me plenty of time to devour Haven as a fandom. I've watched the whole first season, been following along with season 4, and read waaay too much fanfic over the past week and a half. I'm torn between wishing the fandom were bigger, and enjoying that the ratio of good fic to posted fic is actually pretty high. Also enjoying that there doesn't seem to be any animosity in this fandom. OT3s solve everything!
Can people hugging Duke this season be a trend that continues forever? I mean I approve of everybody hugging in general, but Duke is pretty easily my favorite, and he's 2 for 4 in terms of hugs per episode, so I'm pretty tickled. Probably also this is me coming off of season 1 where Duke is still definitely an asshole, no matter how likeable, so it's lovely to see how much Audrey and especially Nathan genuinely like him by season 4. Also to watch Duke be the one to hold everybody together. Duke!

I've caught a few random episodes with my roommate over the past season or two but having a bunch of time off work just as a new season starts up turned out to be the magic combination to put me in gear for real.

Also watching Eric Balfour combined with a Buffy vid idea I've been pondering (and probably watching Sarah Michelle Gellar on The Crazy Ones) is making me want to watch the Buffy pilot again. I never get around to making vids, but I love making them in my head.
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