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So this is the 11 month countdown to my thesis defense. My adviser and I have discussed me leaving at the end of 2014, and the school's hard deadline for graduation means I have to defend by December 11th if I want to make that work. I also promised the guy whose data I'm working with now that I would finish that paper before the next round of proposals are due in April, and I have to actually do my thesis proposal this semester. Then I'll have a little over six months to kick the second paper out the door and write a thesis. Totally doable, right? We'll see, I guess.

The part that's actually terrifying is that I need to apply for jobs at the same time. I plan to look nation wide, but there's a big part of me that does not believe that's a likely scenario, and thinks I'll most likely just move to Minnesota when I graduate, and look for a job there. And hope Tom's job continues to pay significantly better than mine, or that he gets a good job that can be waiting for him in Minnesota.

I've also been thinking a lot about teaching in independent schools, but that would mean graduating in December is pretty awkward, so I don't know how likely I am to get that kind of job, unless I end up being unemployed for rather a long time after I graduate. I don't know. Is nine months considered a long time in this economy? I know I can't be totally unemployed that whole time, though I have no idea if they'll hire a Physics PhD as a barista in the meantime. I think it's also possible my adviser could continue to employ me for at least a few months, so that might be a safety net of sorts.

In other news, it turns out that comments are like crack. Also, I used to write nothing but slash, and now 2/3 of the things I have written are gen. I mean sure, if you like Peter/Eli, you could read the story below that way, though I myself would argue it's more Peter/Alicia/Eli, if it has to be anything. I'm also not averse to Alicia/Cary, though I did not intend my Alicia/Cary friendship fic that way. Basically, there's something about The Good Wife where I ship pretty much everyone with everyone, but also just love the dynamics as presented on the show.

I was watching some season 2 episodes, and stumbled onto the one where Grace tells Eli that "the Florrick kids just love black people!" which, first of all, Grace, you're kind of terrible, but sometimes in awesome ways, and second of all, Eli totally deserved that, and he knows it, given the way he yells back, "You kids are evil!" But the actual best part is where he's standing in the doorway to Alicia's office and she says Eli doesn't want her son seen with his black girlfriend, just as some black dude from her office walks by, and totally does a wide-eyed reaction. The camera doesn't focus on him at all, and in fact it cuts away from the shot where you can see him really quickly, it's just hilarious because of what an unsubtle joke they stuck in there very subtly. I genuinely don't think most people would ever notice him. In related news, the inspiration for the last story I posted pretty much came entirely from the scene where Cary first asks Alicia to join him, when she's handing him a tupperware container of dessert. It's just such an Alicia/mom thing to do, and there's no dialogue about it at all, again something I doubt most people even noticed. Cary just goes home with a piece of Alicia's tupperware. I love it so much.

So I had this idea for writing five people who are entangled in the Florrick marriage. This was mostly inspired by the lovely scene at the end of season 3 when somehow everyone on the show ends up in front of the Lockhart/Gardner elevators, and Will and Peter and Eli and Cary are all standing with Alicia, and all of them know various awkward things and no one ever says any of them, and the one weirdly sweet thing about it is that most of them keep their secrets because they have no desire to hurt Alicia. But then as much as I love Cary, he isn't really part of the marriage deal (his awkwardness there is just that Peter recently fired him), and while I guess Kalinda, Will, Eli, and the Florricks make five, it seemed like cheating to count Peter and Alicia. But I really wanted the part where Eli knows Peter and Alicia better than they know each other but just makes sure to keep everything running smoothly. It was a toss-up between Eli shoehorning himself into a date night because he has some campaign thing he thinks can't wait, or the story where Peter gets sick and Alicia and Eli basically play rock-paper-scissors on who has to take care of him, because they both hate it. I ended up writing the latter. But it was still born out of this idea that Eli is the not-so-silent third partner in the Florrick marriage, and hopefully that still comes through.

Always Byzantine (1734 words) by dancinguniverse
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Good Wife (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Eli Gold, Peter Florrick, Alicia Florrick
Additional Tags: Sickfic
Summary: “I’ll stop by when I get done. It's probably just that forty-eight hour bug that's going around, Eli. If you have to call a doctor, call me back, but until then, I’m going back to work.” Alicia hangs up on him, and Eli stuffs his phone in his pocket. No backup, then.
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