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I enjoy sometimes looking at the Google history of things I have researched, however briefly, for fanfic purposes. Lately, it's been all The Good Wife, so I can tell you whether governors of Illinois typically live in Springfield or in Chicago, what the governor's mansion is like, how long it takes to drive from Chicago to Springfield, that governors of Illinois do not have term limits, a few random facts about the Detroit Lions and Michigan colleges, what horror movies came out this year, that Walgreens are indeed, as I suspected, more ubiquitous than CVS's or Rite-Aids in the Chicago area... I'm sure there's more, but that's what I'm seeing right now. The crazy part is how little any of that matters once the story is finished, but I like my throwaway mentions to be as factually accurate as I can make them. I kind of wish someone would call me on it sometime. "A Walgreens? Wouldn't he be more likely to go to a CVS?" And I could say, "No! No, there are far more Walgreens than CVS's in his area. Check any map." But I don't think that kind of thing really happens.

I successfully made ciabatta bread and amaretto ice cream in the past few days, which were a bit more labor intensive than the bread and ice cream I've been making, but also were both super amazing, so that was cool. And I had a snow day yesterday, and went sledding for the first time since probably sophomore year of college. Yay, winter!


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