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Damn, been a while, again. So I got engaged! Yay, level up. But I am actually writing because I am in the process of moving Tom to Minnesota, while I still have a few months of work left in Maryland. We road tripped out over two days, stayed with friends in Illinois, met with another friend for lunch in Madison, and got pie at the Norske Nook in Osseo, Wisconsin.

On Monday we unloaded the Uhaul, bought a queen sized bed (so nice to not bump elbows!), and looked at wedding reception venues with Tom's family. I really want to do it at this place that overlooks the river, but another place in Cathedral Hill has fifty-some kinds of beer on tap, so it's a hard decision.

Tuesday Tom got work stuff done, I got work stuff done, and I finally got the networking connection I'd been looking for, which is a lady in Minneapolis who does astronomy outreach work, and I meet with her tomorrow. Seriously, I've been trying to arrange something like this for months now, and within a day of arriving in the Twin Cities, it falls into my lap. And then we met for drinks with friends last night, after driving through an absolutely gorgeous part of Saint Paul I hadn't even been remembering.

Today Tom's mom made us steak for lunch and we hung out with his family, I did some more work, and we found a liquor store that carries literally everything you can think of, and is within walking distance of his new house.

I miss Minnesota so much I can't stand it. There has been almost no traffic, the weather has been gorgeous, the parking has been easy, the drinks are reasonably priced, and the people of course have been amazing. I can't even take how happy I am to be back, just for this week.
In short, Minnesota is the best place on the planet, and I want so badly to be able to move back here once I finish grad school.


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