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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Yay, we matched! That automatically means you're pretty cool. This is my first Yuletide, so please take everything in this letter with an even bigger grain of salt than normal, and I apologize if anything in here comes off wrong. It's probably me not thinking it through, and you should just ignore it. The whole letter is, I am well aware, optional, and especially on your part to listen or adhere to anything. So if you would prefer I hadn't written one at all, stop here! Go, write whatever characters/fandoms we matched on, and I will be happy! If you want prompts, ideas for why I picked the things I did and what I prefer in fic, read on! I'll get the basics out of the way first, right?

Dislikes (basic, I think?)

  • deathfic

  • rape, non-con

  • harcore bdsm

  • severe embarrassment or humiliation, especially in regards to sex

  • darkfic

Even in these, I'm not saying it has to be 100% puppies and sunshine for me to enjoy it, just that I would prefer not to read something that's going to bring me down for the rest of the day.


  • snarkiness and joking

  • BFFs who are also in love

  • plotty fic (casefic or adventurefic or whatever the fandom calls for)

I have the same name here and on tumbr and on ao3, so I'm pretty easy to stalk, if you want to do your own research on my likes/dislikes. I'm much more active on tumblr lately. On to the fandoms!

Band of Brothers
Oh my lord, do I love everyone. But mostly Winters and Nixon. Because... have you seen Dick Winters? The man is literally perfect. I mean, except for that time he looted some Nazi silverware. Or that time he totally enabled his alcoholic BF(F). Or that time he lied to a superior officer and made up a patrol--no wait, that was back to being perfect. Okay, he's not perfect all the time, but that is also why I love him. He didn't sign up for the war to fight Nazis, he did it because he knew he'd get drafted anyway, and he wanted to meet it head on, with the best possible men beside him. Ugh, Dick, I love you so much. And Nixon... oh, Nixon. I only need two moments to capture Lewis Nixon: the beautifully smartass yet perfectly straight response, "It's a can of peaches, sir," and the look on his face when he tries to get up the courage to ask Dick to come back to New Jersey with him. He was going to follow Dick to Japan anyway, though. I love that even though he doesn't work as directly with the men as Dick does, he gives away his pass back to the states without a second thought, and he's 100% behind Dick making up that false report. And just everything about Nix's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It was his dog! Let's face it, he probably deserved to get divorced, but still. Oh, Nix.

I'm down for anything with these guys. Smut is fantastic, totally platonic friendship is also awesome, and anywhere in between. I definitely ship them like whoa, but they're canonically best friends, and I am so down for that, if you're not feeling shippy. I also adore them both even individually, so that's also fine! Tell me any story you like about either of them! AU's are all great and fair game: modern day, Life/Standoff, other wars, Captain America/Iron Man, to name a few ideas I've seen or read. But definitely canon setting is something there's just never enough of in this fandom. There's never enough Bastogne fic, or Nix following Dick to Paris for leave, or them just killing time between missions, or even post-series, back in NJ, or visiting Dick's family in PA. The rest of E Company is amazing too, so if you want to write them all hanging out, that's also awesome, but these two--however you write them--are all I need.

To reiterate from above, I'd really prefer no deathfic or anything super dark, but I understand this is a war fandom, so some darkness might come with the territory. That's fine! Whatever you feel inclined to do! Sometimes crying is good too.

The Good Wife
I love Alicia so much. I love how crazy nuanced her character is, and I love this season becuase we're really going to town over the myth of Saint Alicia. I love that she is running because she just doesn't like the current State's Attourney very much, and because he is going after her people. I love when she's petty. I love when she's good. I love when she's having a wild romance with Will, and I love when she's booty-calling Peter, and I love when she's yelling at anyone. I miss her drinking with Kalinda, and I love when she drinks with Cary. If there's anything I don't like, it's her lack of friends, and so really, really, I asked for Cary and Alicia because they've had each other's backs more than anyone else (in my opinion), and I love that even thought they fight sometimes, they still seem like great partners. The new Will and Diane, indeed.

If you want to write about them blowing off some steam and getting sexy after hours, then you go to town on that, because I will be there. If you want to write them just being BFFs and whining about how hard it is to date Kalinda deal with Bishop, I'm all there too. Casefic? Awesome. Arguing would kill me in the good way, as long as they hopefully made up by the end. Because sometimes they have legitmate things to argue about! And oh my god, if they did turn on each other, it would be like a Greek tragedy, ending with everyone dead, and the firm in ruins. Or, oh, god, back in the early days? I would totally also love early days fic for the two of them. Hi is one of my all time favorite episodes. I'm serious, really anything goes with them.

And yes, I love Cary too, I adore Cary. I love that he's weirdly, probably, the nicest person on the show these days, and I love his beautiful face and his unhappy relationship with his dad, and his stupidly cute relationship with Clarke Hayden, and that he doesn't seem to like Cary Zepps very much, which is hilarious since Zepps is I think the character we were supposed to think Cary was in Season1, and he's never been that guy.

The Magicians series, by Lev Grossman
Once again, BFFs who may or may not be sleeping together, up to you. I do love Alice (and I really love Julia, and Janet's weird relationship with Eliot), so it's not like I have anything against the canon. I just feel like there were a lot of little missed opportunities there for Quentin and Eliot. But I do love that the book acknowledges them being BFFs, so I would love to see them adventuring in Fillory, or on Earth, or anywhere else you want to put them. Trope-fic in Fillory would be amazing, right? It's a ridiculous world, I bet people are constantly sprouting wings, or getting trapped in damp caves, or accidentally mind-reading, or whatever. But also I'm kind of interested in them just plain missing each other as friends, when Eliot was in Fillory and Quentin was stuck on Earth. I don't know! There's so little fic for this, I'm interested to know anyone else's headcanons for these two! Surprise me!

Howl series, by Diana Wynne Jones
I love Calcifer? Like, a lot. I really love Calcifer. I would love to see him and Howl snarking at each other and working together and depending on each other, especially pre-series. I don't know. This prompt will be a lot shorter. I've just always wanted to know more about Calcifer, so I'm really leaving this one in your hands. I love that both Calcifer and Howl are pretty indifferent, but with these little flashes of vulnerability. Like everything else, if you want to slash, then slash away, I'm always a supporter, but all I really want are the two of them in somet story, any story, together, any way you want to write it.

Thanks so much, dear Writer, whatever you choose to do. I'm sure it'll be amazing. I will be over the moon to get any story in any of these fandoms, so even if you read this whole letter and disagreed with everything I suggested, I'll probably STILL love whatever you write. Good luck! I already can't wait for reveals!

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