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Yay, Yuletide! The fact that we matched is already an awesome sign, and this is me acknowledging that you may peruse this letter, but write what your heart and muse dictate, I'll be happy with anything that fulfills my official request. but if you want to know why I chose these fandoms, or get some prompt ideas, please read on.

Dislikes (basic, I think?)

  • deathfic

  • rape, non-con

  • harcore bdsm

  • severe embarrassment or humiliation, especially in regards to sex

  • darkfic

Even in these, I'm not saying it has to be 100% puppies and sunshine for me to enjoy it, just that I would prefer not to read something that's going to bring me down for the rest of the day.


  • snarkiness and joking

  • BFFs who are also in love

  • plotty fic (casefic or adventurefic or whatever the fandom calls for)

I have the same name here and on tumbr and on ao3, so I'm pretty easy to stalk, if you want to do your own research on my likes/dislikes. I'm much more active on tumblr lately. On to the fandoms!

Band of Brothers
Oh, my heart. I am certainly fond of slashing Winters and Nixon, because, well, frankly this scene makes no sense if they're not crushing like crazy on each other:


But if that's not your jam, they are canonically BFFs and I find that completely adorable as well. I am kind of a giant sucker for Nix hating most things that aren't Dick, and also for Dick being short-tempered and Nix being one of the few people who notices, and also Nix finds that delightful, as he does pretty much everything about Dick.

I think there's something fantastic in there that Nix doesn't seem to mind the war, because home isn't that great for Nix. I think he's grateful to finally feel useful for once in his life, to find Dick and even Harry and Spiers and Lipton, and that he only starts to crack when home catches back up with him.

I love Dick, who doesn't set off to be a hero, who just seems to realize accidentally that he's a good leader, and throws himself into it, because why not do your best? I love how much he cares about his men. I love when Sink asks for the last patrol, Dick is actually so mad he barely says a word that entire scene, doesn't even make eye contact with Sink, leaves Nix to do all the "Yes, sir"s, and then makes up a fucking fake report, which Nix happily types up for him. I feel like everyone thinks Dick is this perfect soldier, but that fake report right there is the culmination of Dick's tiny little smile when Nix tells Sobel, "It's a can of peaches, sir." Like, "nothing in common," my ass. These two are just the loud and quiet sides of the same scary competence and a giant rebel streak.

I'm seriously down for anything with these guys. Smut is fantastic, totally platonic friendship is also awesome, and anywhere in between. AU's are all great and fair game: modern day, Life/Standoff mashup, other wars, to name a few ideas I've seen or read. But definitely canon setting is something there's just never enough of in this fandom. There's never enough Bastogne fic, or Nix following Dick to Paris for leave, or them just killing time between missions, or even post-series, back in NJ, or visiting Dick's family in PA.

To reiterate from above, I'd really prefer no deathfic or anything super dark, but I understand this is a war fandom, so some darkness might come with the territory. That's fine! Whatever you feel inclined to do! Sometimes crying is good too, I just hope there's a happy-ish ending in there somewhere.

The Magicians series, by Lev Grossman
Once again, BFFs who may or may not be sleeping together, up to you. I do love Alice (and I really love Julia, and Janet's weird relationship with Eliot), so it's not like I have anything against the canon. I just feel like there were a lot of little missed opportunities there for Quentin and Eliot. But I do love that the book acknowledges them being BFFs, so I would love to see them adventuring in Fillory, or on Earth, or anywhere else you want to put them. Trope-fic in Fillory would be amazing, right? It's a ridiculous world, I bet people are constantly sprouting wings, or getting trapped in damp caves, or accidentally mind-reading, or whatever. But also I'm kind of interested in them just plain missing each other as friends, when Eliot was in Fillory and Quentin was stuck on Earth. Quentin has to be so jealous, but also doesn't he just miss him like crazy? Grossman just drove me crazy on these guys, Quentin being miffed that Eliot never hit on him back in school, Eliot kissing him goodbye, but none of it went anywhere? Come on!

There's so little fic for this, I'm interested to know anyone else's headcanons for these two! Surprise me!

Howl series, by Diana Wynne Jones
I love Calcifer to the moon and back. I would love some pre- or post-series stuff about the two of them just working together, working out their partnership. I would love to read some slash about the two of them. If Miss Angorian was a fire demon, then somehow Calcifer could take human form too, right?

In general, I've just always wanted to know more about Calcifer and his relationship with Howl in any form, so I'm really leaving this one in your hands. I love that both Calcifer and Howl are pretty indifferent, but with these little flashes of vulnerability.

Thanks so much, dear Writer, whatever you choose to do. I'm sure it'll be amazing. I will be over the moon to get any story in any of these fandoms, so even if you read this whole letter and disagreed with everything I suggested, I'll still love whatever you write. Good luck! I already can't wait for reveals!


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