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Got my new laptop today. SQUEE!!! It's small and silver and beautiful, but we cannot hook it up to the internet because I have no virus protection. This is because my school is suppposed to give it to me, but on the other hand, it means I can't do even the simple things start up wants me to do, like register my software. This could be interesting.

I also can't move anything from the big computer to my new one (it needs a name), because the USB card I got way back at Christmas but never really had teh opportunity to use until now, needs a driver to work on the big computer, because it's like Windows 95 or something. Alright, 98, but that's still ancient. I went to the website to download the driver, but even though the computer said "download complete," it can't find the driver when it goes to look for it, and I can't find the hardware listed in the computer to find the driver manually.

ARGH. This is why I hate computers. Anyone with any advice is welcome to put in their two cents. Because I want to move my icons and my pictures and my stories and my music onto the laptop. Pronto.

For now, there's not much to do on it but play Minesweeper and watch DVDs. Maybe I'll go do that. The DVDs, I mean. Except that I haven't watched Stargate from Friday... decisions, decisions.

But it's pretty. And I love it, and it is mine. Going to go stare some more.


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